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When my refrigerator stopped working properly on a hot summer day, I urgently needed it to be repaired. At first I called Primo, but they didn’t have an immediate appointment available. I then called another company, appliance repair INC (ARI), and they had quick appointment for me. The technician came from ARI and told me that the whole defrost unit needed to be replaced and the cost would be over $500. I have dealt with a number of refrigerators that had similar problems, and I didn’t think the problem I had should cost that much to repair so I wanted to get a second opinion so I called Primo again. When I explained the situation he also found it hard to understand why it would be necessary to replace the whole defrost unit. He explained to me that there are three components in the defrost unit, temperature sensor, fan and heating unit. Normally, either one of them needs to be replaced, but not all three at once. To make the story short, he came and replaced the sensor/controller which cost me less than $250 and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.